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What are the benefits of winning? 2017-07-05T11:46:28+00:00

Previous winners have cited numerous examples of the benefits winning has had on their

business including increased sales, increased profile and acknowledgement, morale boosting in house and credibility added to their product or service. Winners will be added to the IMSTA website and have the chance to write about their experience of winning in a winners blogs section.

How will I find out if we have won? 2017-07-05T11:46:00+00:00

On the night! A representative from each entry must be present at the awards dinner to accept the award if you have been successful.

Can my company enter more than one category? 2017-07-05T11:45:32+00:00

Yes, but a separate nomination form must be filled out for each category of entry.

Can I query judges decision? 2017-07-05T11:45:06+00:00

Judges decision is final

What are the judging criteria? 2017-07-05T11:44:15+00:00

Each category will be judged on the information they provide, which will include outcomes to patient safety and to overall health care.

Who judges the categories? 2017-07-05T11:43:50+00:00

A panel of independent judges will be selected by the sponsors.

When is the closing date? 2017-07-05T11:42:22+00:00

The closing date for entries is Friday 18th August 5pm. Entries must be returned by then to be included.

What details do I include? 2017-07-05T11:41:54+00:00

Fill out with as much detail as possible, placing emphasis on patient outcomes as each entry will only be judged on the information given. Nominees should provide evidence of outcomes to support their nomination (if applicable). Each entry must be in the name of an individual /team / company.   In the case of a team, one individual must be identified to represent the team.

How do I enter? 2017-07-05T11:41:22+00:00

Click the link above to nomination forms for each category, complete the form and return via email or post.